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Capacitors(220 - 4000 Volt Rating)

Ronken Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of AC and DC capacitors located in North Central Illinois.  Ronken Industries is a family owned business established in 1980.

Their primary markets include airport lighting, tower lighting, defense contractors, UV curing, UV lighting & printing power supplies, transportation, and communications, HID lighting, ferro-resonant power supplies, filters, motor run, battery chargers, power factor correction, SCR commutation, snubber, frequency changers, motor speed controllers, static power supplies, harmonic filters, ultra violet light curing,  pumps, compressors, energy discharge, sign & neon lighting ballast.

Capacitor packaging styles include industry standard oil-filled & dry metal cases in oval, round, rectangular configurations, and axial lead wrap & fill. Along with these standard styles Ronken can manufacture custom designs for unique applications. High volume production, as well as short runs as low as 5 pieces, can be accommodated.

Metallized Polypropylene Non-PCB capacitors
for A-C Applications: 220-440 Volt Rating

Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors
AC Applications: 220-660 Volt Rating

Polypropylene Capacitors Non-PCB Impregnated
for SCR Commutation Applications: 600-1500 Volt Rating

Polypropylene Paper Capacitors Non-PCB Impregnated
for A-C Applications: 480-660 Volt Rating, 1000-3500 Volt Rating

Polypropylene Paper Capacitors Non-PCB Impregnated
for SCR Commutation Applications: 300-2000 Volt Rating

Film - Paper SCR Commutation Capacitors
Vp Applications: 400-2000 Volt Rating

Film - Paper Capacitors
AC Applications:660-4000 Volt Rating

All Film SCR Commutation Capacitors
Vp Applications: 600-1500 Volt Rating


Ronken is an approved source for Versatex Industries Power factor correction capacitors.

For more information on RONKEN INDUSTRIES please contact us directly.

Metallized Polypropylene                     .

High Voltage Film


3 Phase

SCR Film Paper

SCR Commutation All Film

If you can't find the component(s) you want or need to meet a particular specification, please be sure to contact us. Our expert staff can help.

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